Canyon - Newsletter Repositioning

Canyon - Newsletter Repositioning

Redesign of Canyons customer facing emails

Email software: Outlook, Apple Mail · Desktop, Mobile · Salesforce Integration



Another huge undertaking from Canyon was to completely redefine, restructure and create a new vision for canyons customer facing emails. As a hugely growing market with lots of personalisation potential, canyons email design needed a huge reposition in 2021. The project goals were varied on this project but, while broad, one thing was clear. Canyon needed and new voice for email. Some of the project goals below:  ·

  • Streamline and simplify canyons newsletter.
  • Mobile first design
  • Smarter, Simpler design and reduced component set.
  • Best-in-class e-mail in the cycling industry.

This was not only a design challenge but a structural one too. The focus of the project took recent developments of component based design for web to the email space. A whole set of component variables were build as the structure upon which the new design would sit. This approach allowed for a modular design which had visual hierarchy and strong identity.


The challenge on this project was technical and complex. As this was a new method of component based design the structure and focus of the newsletter communication had to be completely restructured.

My Role

Project lead, Competitor analysis and review of current best practices, project scoping, project delivery, wireframes, prototyping, user experience design, UI design, communication with key stakeholders, developer handover, QA on staging and development environments. Key stakeholder responsibility for in-depth research, and end-to-end design of the user experience.


The new email design have been implemented in late 2021 and users who are subscribers will be aware of the improvement in legibility, brand cohesiveness, simplicity and boldness. As the design is component based this dramatically improved the workflow of the whole newsletter department at canyon. Moreover it also dramatically improved the level of quality output on a weekly basis. Since the implementation, the adoption of subscribers to the emails has been twofold. We are now working on the second improvement phase of implementation set to be released in 2023.

🔐 Project Currently under NDA restriction.  Get in touch for more details and Figma Overview.

George Beattie - Product Design UI Portfolio
George Beattie - Product Design UI Portfolio